Ready for your Spanish dream?
Your Home BV

Ready for your
Spanish dream?

How do you start and how does a purchase procedure run? Who helps us through the administration and brings us into contact with a lawyer and notary?

Your Home Spain Costa Blanca accompanies you together with the locally registered estate agent through the search and takes over the administrative tasks. Buying a house in Spain has never been so relaxed.

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A place under the sun, stress free and simple?

Your dream must remain a dream and not become a nightmare.
Of course you can start looking for a house yourself, but you will soon realise that this will be an endless quest. 

Curious about our approach? Then read on!

Come along or make your virtual appointment. During a personal conversation we will inform you about the purchase process in Spain and we will listen to your wishes, so you will not be surprised.

Discover the property that suits you
Careful selection

Let us know what your requirements are and how you would like to use your new home, so we can make a customised selection for you. Do you prefer a house or a flat? In a community or prefer your own pool? How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you want?

Let us know your wishes, your budget and what is very important to you, such as the location in relation to the beach, shops or airport. We follow the offer daily and see what qualifies for you.

We will help you determine what is important to you so that we can make relevant proposals.

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Experience trip - Explorador en España

After we have determined together what you are looking for, we will plan a trip to Spain. On the spot we will visit the selected properties and their surroundings together with our local expert. This way you get a realistic view of the properties, the prices and if you get the feeling of home that you are looking for.

your home - costa blanca real estate - buy a home spain

A dream place found

Thanks to good preparation and hard work on site, you have succeeded in finding your dream home!

Then we will accompany you to an independent lawyer of your choice, who does not work for an estate agency, but for you as a buyer. He will go through your file and make sure that you can buy safely in Spain. The function of the notary in Spain is limited to the registration of the deeds, so proper guidance beforehand is necessary.

On the day of the deed we will be present at the notary’s office, we will assist you before, during and after the purchase.

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Our offer

Tailor-made assistance

Together we will accompany you from the very beginning. We start your search together with you and support you throughout the process. From purchase to signing at the notary.

Also after your purchase you can always contact us. With Your Home Spain Costa Blanca you are never alone!

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Guidance after purchase

We guarantee a unique after sales service. No worries, we arrange everything for you. You can always come to us for any request, both in Belgium and in Spain. So you can focus on enjoying yourself. Our partner in Spain is always available on site!

Design the house of your dreams

Tailor-made villa construction in Spain

Your Spanish villa is no longer an unattainable dream! Together with Your Home Spain and our partner in Spain, a Belgian contractor who has been living and building in Spain for more than 25 years, we will build your custom villa in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Together we will guide you from start to finish: from the purchase of the building plot to the design and finishing of your garden and swimming pool. And with the same quality as in your own country. Moreover, we follow up everything for you!  Even when you are not permanently in Spain, we always go there and keep you fully informed of progress. 

Sounds muy bien, doesn’t it?

Building your Spanish future together, that is our passion!

your home - costa blanca real estate - customised villa

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